FS4Africa’s Vision

FS4Africa applies newly developed innovative approaches, convergence strategies and stable partnerships to promote food safety. Against this background the overall objective of FS4Africa is to improve African food safety systems – with particular attention to the informal sector – through local market transformation enhancing food security and regional trade while reducing negative impacts on the environment, biodiversity, health, and society.

Gain a better understanding of the role of food safety by analyzing the enabling environment, local value chains and use cases generating data and evidence on trade actors in the informal sector

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Stakeholders engaged
0 +
Food producers and handlers reached
to assess data related to food safety hazard

Develop governmental policies, business concepts and tools that transform local markets to improve food safety in the informal sector and possible integration into the formal food system

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Trainees reached
National pilot systems to evaluate
the effectiveness of the mezzanine approach
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Application users

Co-develop and co-create solutions and business cases in multi-actor-based approaches for food safety

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Citations of project guidelines & platforms
Different areas represented by stakeholders
participating in the use cases
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Innovative solutions scaled up

Incubate, accelerate and upscale solutions through a network of Innovation Hubs involving and training local SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs in view of lower cost for certification and conformity assessment

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Training sessions for participants
in the use cases and open call projects
0 +
Food system participants engaged
in the incubation and acceleration activities

Assess the impact of food safety solutions, reducing their risks, on food security, circularity, sustainability and biodiversity

Use Cases tested and validated
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Increase in awareness of the facts on food safety issues
and the recommended mitigation measures

Embed the food safety solutions in strategic agendas for policy making and research by engagement with stakeholder and society

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White papers with recommendations and guidelines
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Policy groups involved in food safety meetings and discussions

Addressing Food Safety Challenges in the African Informal sector through innovative strategies and use cases

Project Coordinator

Dr. Titilayo Falade
Headquarters & West Africa Hub PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001, Oyo State, Nigeria

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