Food Safety policy inventory and recommendations

  • Food Safety approaches and best practices (≥3 food safety approaches and best practices identified and analysed)
  • Policy Recommendations (≥5 whitepapers with recommendations / guidelines)

Food Safety Knowledge Sharing Hub

  • Food Safety Knowledge Platform
  • Food safety legislative and regulatory landscape
  • Guidelines for policy makers to improve food safety

Food Safety improvement framework

  • 1 set of recommendations and suggestions for food safety hazards and management needs in the informal sector
  • Food safety stakeholders e-map
  • Advocacy and communication documentation (≥5 policy briefs for data-driven decision making by policy makers)
  • Mezzanine food safety model approach (Model approach to uplift the informal sector to a semi-informal sector)
  • 4 pilot systems to test and review the utility of the approach
  • Lessons learnt from the use cases (Best practices and insights from the adoption of the solutions in the 4 use cases)

FS4Africa Ecosystem

  • Use Case Catalogue
  • FS4Africa innovation network (A vibrant and sustainable innovation ecosystem with ≥200 local stakeholders)
  • Capacity building (≥10 Incubation and acceleration activities with ≥100 food system participants engaged in the incubation and acceleration activities)
  • Open call innovative solutions (≥10 solutions developed and adopted)

Addressing Food Safety Challenges in the African Informal sector through innovative strategies and use cases

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