FS4Africa’s impact reverberates across a wide range of stakeholders, representing a multitude of interests and perspectives. These stakeholders have been identified and categorised into seven specific target group, as follows:

Informal food sector

Farmers, processors, street vendors, retailers.

Food System Stakeholders

Food processors, packagers, distributors,retailers, farmers and farm advisors and their associations.

Policy makers and Regulators

Local, regional, and national authorities (e.g., ministries and governments), food safety organisations, EC DGs, units and regulatory agencies (e.g., EFSA, FDA).

Academic & Research organisations

Universities, faculties and research institutes of Business, Engineering, Agriculture and sciences, academic staff.

Innovation Hubs

Related to food safety, trade practices, digital technologies, data processing, regulations, circularity, sustainability, and biodiversity.

Food Labs

Independent laboratories, regulatory and compliance laboratories operated by governmental agencies and in-house laboratories at raw material suppliers or food manufacturers.

General Public

Consumers and their associations, NGOs and rural communities and citizens.

Addressing Food Safety Challenges in the African Informal sector through innovative strategies and use cases

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