Inovacijsko Tehnoloski Grozd Murska Sobota

ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster is a non-profit Business Support Organization located in North-Eastern part of Slovenia, with a vision to foster cross-sectoral innovation and implementation of novel technologies and ICT in rural-based sectors. ITC aims at bringing together target groups (such as SMEs, food system actors, farmers and other rural actors) and turn them into being ‘’Smart’’, thus creating a unique Europe-wide innovation-based eco-system, supporting the shift towards more resilient, healthy and environmentally, socially, economically sustainable rural areas.

Role in the project

Task 4.2 Leader: “Management and evolution of the use cases”
Task 5.3 Leader: “Virtual Incubation and acceleration program”

Addressing Food Safety Challenges in the African Informal sector through innovative strategies and use cases

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